Create a World-Class
Learning Experience

By Getting Rid of Manual and Outdated Training Labs


Free Learners and Trainers from Unproductive Activities

Deployment and configuring of training labs can be very laborious, complex, and time-taking. Free your Learners and Trainers from these cumbersome tasks and instead focus on immersive learning.

Control Sky Rocketing Lab Costs

Without automation the cost of cloud-based labs can rapidly spiral upwards. Embrace automation at various stages of lifecycle to continually optimize lab costs.

Increase the Course Completion Rates

Sub par completion rates hamper growth prospects significantly. Motivate the Learners with a rich hands-on learning experience, enhanced engagement with Trainers, and periodic notifications.

Continuously Optimize the Labs 

You focus on what you are best at i.e. offering a delightful learning experience. Let cloud experts deal with infrastructure headaches.

Easily Integrate the Labs with LMS

Integrating the lab portal with Learning Management System can be complex and expensive. Leverage readily available integration with LTI compliant LMS systems and gain a significant cost advantage.

Continuous Cloud Governance. Delivered.

GE Healthcare
Anglo American
Bridge International Academies
Tata Communications
Tata Communications

"CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey"

-Shailu Tipparaju, CTO – Examity

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