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Be a Digital Winner with Google Cloud and CoreStack

CoreStack helps customers with complete cloud governance to help them achieve outcomes such as optimized cloud costs, improved operational efficiencies, and comprehensive compliance with industry standards, regulations, and best practices such as ISO, FedRAMP, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CIS.

Built on cloud-native services such as GCP Big Query, Cloud Pub/Sub, Stackdriver, Security Command Center, GCP recommender and Google Storage, CoreStack augments Google Cloud governance with the following key benefits:


  • Unified visibility and insights to easily manage the entire Google Cloud Stack
  • Autonomous cloud governance with rule-based automation
  • Seamless integration of Google Cloud governance with enterprise tool ecosystem
  • Access to real-time compliance posture and policy-driven automation to fix violations

How CoreStack Complements Google Cloud

Native-Governance to Add Transformational Value

A unique Cloud-as-Code approach that uses deep AI/ML, declarative definitions, and a patented cloud service-chaining technology, CoreStack continually innovates to enable enterprises to harness the real power of cloud.

AWS Service Chaining Technology

Patented service-chaining technology

Automatically chain disparate Google Cloud services to achieve comprehensive governance

Amazon Web Services Cloud as code

Unique Cloud-As-Code™ based Governance

Achieve continuous and autonomous governance using high level language or declarative definitions

AWS Connectorless Model

Connector less model (patent-pending)

On-board any new Google Cloud service tied to governance within days instead of weeks

Amazon Web Services Enterprise Integration

Integration with Enterprise tools

Leverage readily available integrations with various DevOps and ITSM tools

Amazon Web Services Multicloud Service Governance

Multi-cloud service governance

Provision, monitor, optimize, secure, and ensure compliance of multi-cloud services at scale using a standard and consistent methodology

Amazon Web Services AI powered Insights

AI-powered Insights

Gain data-driven actionable intelligence into various business-critical facets of cloud such as operations, security, costs, and compliance

Srivathsan Krishnamurthy CEO of Dunow

"As a fast-growing tech company, we needed an agile model to quickly innovate, build, and deliver solutions to our customer business problems. CoreStack played a significant role in achieving this agility"

– Srivathsan Krishnamurthy, CEO, duNOW

Maximize Value from Google Cloud with CoreStack

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