Keep Your Cloud 
Continually Secure

From Security Threats which are Evolving at Unrelenting Speed


Get Complete and Accurate Cloud Inventory 

View cloud resources and their relationships across multiple cloud accounts, regions, and multiple cloud providers centrally. Importantly, learn about their governance posture such as resources not following naming standards, without tags, and locks.

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Detect Security Configuration Drifts  

Insecure resource configurations are a top reason for breaches. Establish a security configuration baseline, automatically detect the drifts, and fix them. 

Obtain a Comprehensive Security Posture  

Gain a real-time and continuous view of overall cloud security posture. Identify the threats, vulnerabilities, and their trends by cloud provider, accounts, region, and resource.

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Build a Proactive Approach to Security

It is impossible to prevent all kinds of security attacks. However, you can build a strong threat defense with a good blend of preventive and reactive controls. Define security governance guardrails, continuously monitor for the violations. Detect anomalies by studying patterns in data using advanced AI and ML models.

Achieve Compliance with Standards  

The compliance requirements to keep cloud secure are evolving rapidly. Non-compliance to stringent regulatory standards can cause irrepairable business damage. Leverage automation to enforce and monitor these standards continuously.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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