Achieve 100% Cloud Compliance

With Industry Standards, Regulations, and Best Practices 

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Achieve Compliance with Complex Standards

Irrespective of your industry or cloud, you need to comply with stringent regulatory and internal governance requirements. Mostly, these are too nebulous and complex to be managed manually. Leverage automation which comes with 800+ policies, 1000+ controls, and supports 13 popular standards.

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Get an Accurate Record of Cloud Inventory

Compliance audits usually start with the review of IT inventory. Cloud is very dynamic with assets getting added very fast. Get an accurate and unified view of your dynamic multi-cloud inventory and their governance posture.

Gain Timely Access to Audit Reports

Benefit from the readily available reports to succeed in your technical compliance audits. Don't waste money on hiring consultants or time of your  busy cloud teams for generating these reports.

Cloud Compliance Gain Timely Access to Audit Reports
Cloud Compliance Overcome Multi-Cloud Compliance Challenges

Overcome Multi-Cloud Compliance Challenges

Multi-cloud compliance management involves a far more sharper focus on compliance and risk management. Automate, standardize, and continuously monitor to stay compliant.

Continuous Cloud Compliance. Delivered.

GE Healthcare
Anglo American
Bridge International Academies
Tata Communications
Tata Communications

"With the many benefits of cloud does come some critical issues around compliance, security, operations, consumption and cost. CoreStack solves these challenges simply and swiftly"

Jim Dubois, Former Microsoft CIO 

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