NextGen FinOps for Enterprises

Optimized and Managed Spend

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Reduce Multi-cloud Costs

Efficiently manage multi-cloud costs with financial accountability through a unified and seamless experience. Gain visibility, plan, optimize costs and operate with cost efficiency.

Optimize Multi-cloud Spending with FinOps
Accurately and Continuously Assess your FinOps Maturity with FinOps

Assess FinOps Maturity Accurately and Continuously  

Assess FinOps maturity and get deep actionable insights to understand and plan the FinOps journey. Don't just optimize, control costs efficiently.

Gain Multi-cloud Cost Visibility and Drive Accountability 

Allocate cloud costs to the right business units and teams through CoreStack's comprehensive tagging solution. Customize and share visibility and insights spanning multiple clouds. Enable charge-backs and show-backs to drive internal accountability. Easily customize multi-faceted reports as per the organization’s needs.

Gain Multi-cloud Cost Visibility and Drive Accountability with FinOps
Get Budget Forecasts and Real-time Cost Anomaly Reports with FinOps

Get Budget Forecasts and Real-time Cost Anomaly Reports

Accurately forecast cloud spends, actively track and respond with comprehensive budget management and detect cost anomalies. Gain insights and take actions automatically or through the enterprise workflows to maintain costs within the budget.

Identify Underutilized, Orphaned, and Idle Resources 

Gain actionable recommendations by identifying underutilized, idle or orphaned resources, and rightsizing across the multi-cloud services. Gain visibility into rate reduction recommendations based on cloud native plans like reserved instances, savings plans or committed use discounts (CUDs) and save significant costs.

Identify Underutilized, Orphaned, and Idle Resources with FinOps
Automate with FinOps to Remediate and Integrate With Operations Workflows

Automate to Remediate and Integrate With Operations Workflows

Auto-remediate, in real-time with cloud native template through policy engines, to maintain actual or forecasted costs within  budgets. Integrate seamlessly with ITSM  tools like ServiceNow and Jira to enable incident and resolution management through custom enterprise workflows.

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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"CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey"

-Shailu Tipparaju, CTO – Examity

Understand and Plan Your FinOps Maturity Journey

CoreStack Provides Oracle Customers With NextGen Cloud Governance

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