Run Lean, Efficient, Outage-Free Cloud Operations

with AI, Automation, and Deeper Visibility


Automate and Streamline Cloud Operations

Leverage rule-based automation of monitoring, alerts and remediation, activity tracking, backups, restore, and patch management. 

Steer Away from Personnel Dependency Limitations 

Standardize processes and automate to minimize the human dependency and eliminate the manual errors impacting service availability and performance.

Gain Holistic Cloud Utilization Insights

Break operational siloes. Obtain an unified and comprehensive view into key cloud operational metrics. Use ML models to predict future workload performance, trends in the vital cloud metrics such as costs and budget overrun, and optimize threshold levels for different alerts.

Simplify the Complexity of Multiple Services, Tools, and Integrations

Abstract complexity with simplified and standardized processes. Leverage readily available integrations with popular enterprise tools.

Overcome Multi-cloud Headaches

Multi-cloud infrastructure is a new norm with several benefits. However, it is complex. Tame the complexity of multi-cloud operations with cross-cloud standardization, automation, governance, and single-pane-of-glass visibility.

Continuous Cloud Governance. Delivered.

GE Healthcare
Anglo American
Bridge International Academies
Tata Communications
Tata Communications

"While cloud adoption is rapidly on the rise in enterprises, so are the issues with ballooning cloud costs, operational hassles and compliance worries. CoreStack is uniquely positioned to solve these with their AI-powered Cloud Governance"

– Abid Neemuchwala, Former CEO – Wipro, Venture Partner – DVP

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