To Create a Reliable Cloud Architecture which Guarantees Long-term IT Success

You need a cloud-agnostic, intelligent, and continuous governance

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Ensure a Successful, Cost-effective Transition to Cloud

Successful cloud adoption requires a razor sharp focus as a single misstep can become costly and time consuming. Set up preventive and retrospective guardrails.

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Prevent Cloud Architectural Drifts

Baseline cloud infrastructure architecture configurations pertaining to operations, security, and compliance. Continuously monitor and detect the drifts, and fix them. 

Modernize Cloud Operations

Simplify operations, automate repetitive tasks, and enable self-healing. On-board any new cloud service tied to governance using a unique Connector Less approach. Benefit from a rich repository of automation templates.

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Design a Robust Security and Compliance Model

Bolting security on as an afterthought can be disastrous. Instead, make continous security and compliance part of the cloud lifecycle.

Establish Cloud Best Practices Across the Company

Define, enforce, and track standards and best practices to continuously run optimized, secure, and compliant cloud.

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Aim for Seamless Compatibility with Different Tools

Save significant amount of time and money by using readily available integration with ITSM and Enterprise IT tools.

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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"As a fast-growing tech company, we needed an agile model to quickly innovate, build, and deliver solutions to our customer business problems. CoreStack played a significant role in achieving this agility.”"

– Srivathsan Krishnamurthy, CEO, duNOW

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

CoreStack Names Sri Chandrashekar Chief Digital Officer

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