Rethink Your
Approach to Security

Traditional security and risk management practices would not suffice

Discover Accurate Cloud Inventory Continuously

Unless you have a comprehensive view of the cloud assets you possess, you cannot secure them. Discover and govern all the resources in your cloud landscape centrally.

Manage Security Posture Real-Time

Monitor cloud security status real-time. Identify the threats and assess vulnerabilities continuously. Define security governance guardrails and continuously detect the violations.

Leverage Intelligent Automation

Modern IT landscapes with several hybrid & multi-cloud services are too complex to secure manually. Benefit from AI-powered anomaly detection, recommendations based on best-practices, and actionable insights on security trends.

Reduce Risks with Least Privilege Policy

Gain deeper visibility into who has access to what service and whether these accesses are used for the right reasons

Transform Compliance into a Strategic Advantage

Do not view Compliance as a tactical check-box exercise. Focus on not only achieving compliance but also staying compliant continuously.

Continuous Cloud Governance. Delivered.

GE Healthcare
Anglo American
Bridge International Academies
Tata Communications
Tata Communications

"CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey"

-Shailu Tipparaju, CTO – Examity

Discover the True Potential of Your Cloud

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