Challenge the Status Quo of Your Compliance Function

Be innovative, agile, and forward-thinking


Assure Compliance from Day One

Automatically discover resources and their compliance posture against relevant standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP, NIST, ISO, CIS, or customer standards. Detect and correct violations. 

Be an Innovation Enabler

Automate, govern, and monitor compliance continuously. Thus, confidently manage risks and support corporate innovation.

    Leverage Data and Analytics

    Perform regulatory tasks more effectively with real-time data and AI-powered recommendations.

    Transform Compliance into a Strategic Advantage

    Eliminate redundancies, automate, and save money for potential innovation. Steer away from non-compliance business damage.

    Present Timely Reports to the Auditors and Management Team

    Benefit from readily available compliance reports to comply with standards, laws, and regulations.

    Continuous Cloud Governance. Delivered.

    GE Healthcare
    Anglo American
    Bridge International Academies
    Tata Communications
    Tata Communications

    "The CoreStack platform intelligently takes care of all our AWS cloud infrastructure issues. This frees up a lot of time to focus on our customers. Their support has been outstanding!"

    – Srivathsan Krishnamurthy, CEO, duNOW

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