Steer Business Transforming Innovation Within Enterprise Guardrails

As a CIO, your trickiest balancing act is Innovation Vs Governance

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Achieve Outcomes Such As


Reduction in cloud costs


Increase in Cloud operations efficiency


Compliance to Standards

Increase the Cloud Uptime by Modernizing Operations

Modern digital businesses cannot afford even a few minutes of cloud downtime. Simplify operations, automate repetitive tasks, and enable self-healing.

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Optimize Cloud Costs

Curtail avoidable cloud costs with deeper visibility, and continuous discovery of inefficient resources. Build a culture of cost accountability.

Hedge Against Cloud Security Risks

Innovation pursuits and security defence don’t have to be mutually exclusive anymore. Detect configuration drifts, anomalies, and fix them automatically.

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Transform Compliance into a Strategic Advantage

Do not view Compliance as a tactical check-box exercise. Focus on not only achieving compliance but also staying compliant continuously.

Champion Enterprise-wide Agility

Empower users with self-service models powered by business workflows to innovate faster, all while working within the enterprise guardrails.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

CoreStack Provides Oracle Customers With NextGen Cloud Governance

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