Your Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) Practice
Needs a Makeover

To overcome challenges such as mushrooming competition
and eroding profits

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Cloud Managed Services Balance the Costs and Highly Varied Cloud Demands of Customers Image

Balance the Costs and Highly Varied Cloud Demands of Customers

Modern enterprise IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Skilled talent is scarce & expensive. Standardization and automation is the key.

Stay Away from Service Level Agreement (SLA) Breaches

The most cost-efficient and foolproof way to ensure the SLAs are met consistently at scale is to automate.

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Cloud Managed Services Scale up MSP Business Confidently Image

Scale-up MSP Business Confidently

It is impossible to manage multi-customer projects at scale with siloed teams, processes, and manual efforts. Simplify, standardize, and automate.

Continuously Deliver Cost Savings

As a MSP, you are responsible for the customer’s cloud costs. Enable granular visibility and continuous governance to optimize costs.

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Cloud Managed Services Overcome Security Challenges Image

Overcome Security Challenges

Assessing vulnerabilities, monitoring, and responding to threats faster and more effectively is critical as it is impossible to ward off the sophisticated threats all the time.

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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"While cloud adoption is rapidly on the rise in enterprises, so are the issues with ballooning cloud costs, operational hassles and compliance worries. CoreStack is uniquely positioned to solve these with their AI-powered Cloud Governance"

– Abid Neemuchwala, Former CEO – Wipro, Venture Partner – DVP

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

CoreStack Provides Oracle Customers With NextGen Cloud Governance

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