Launch Automated & Scalable  On-Demand Training Labs  

With CoreStack Cloud Lab As a Service (CLaaS)

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Offer a World-class Learning Experience  

Free your Learners and Trainers from cumbersome tasks such as deployment and set-up of training labs. 

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Optimize Lab Costs 

Automate entire lab lifecycle from provisioning to monitoring and reporting to de-provisioning.  

Decrease Deployment Time by up to 70% 

30 Labs are readily available. Template-driven approach to automate the deployment of new labs with pre-installed applications  

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Build Agility Without Giving Up Control  

Easy self-service portal for users tied to workflows for requesting new labs.

LMS Integration

Leverage readily available integration with LTI compliant LMS systems and gain a significant cost advantage.

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Key Product Capabilities

Self services


  • Rich service catalog 
  • Role-based access control  
  • Workflows for lab approval

Unified Dashboard

  • Centralized view of the -coursesregistered & de-registered students 
  • Active logins, and trending courses

Automation Capabilities

  • Automatic scaling 
  • Idle time shut down 
  • Scheduled start/stop of labs  
  • Back-up retention policy
LMS Integration

LMS Integration

  • Out-of-the-box support for Canvas & edX 
  • Support for LTI standard
Customized Labs

Customized Labs

  • Easily add new labs 
  • Add branding details 


  • Course-wise enrollment details 
  • Usage and cost reports

Continuous Cloud Governance. Delivered.

GE Healthcare
Anglo American
Bridge International Academies
Tata Communications
Tata Communications

"We were able to realize cost savings of $1.5 million amounting to a reduction in cloud costs by over 40% within 2 months of implementing CoreStack"

Shailu Tipparaju, CTO – Examity

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