Case Study

A Leading Managed Network Service Provider Launches a New Business Line around Cloud Services using CoreStack

Customer Background

Our customer is a leading Managed network service provider based in Middle-East focused on delivering intelligent network security and collaboration services to their customers. They use the most advanced technologies to provide high-quality services to customers.

Business Goal

The Customer has been providing Data Centre (DC) and Workplace services. Their primary goal was to add a new revenue stream by

  1. Adding cloud services capabilities to their portfolio of offerings to Enterprise customers including value-added services such as provisioning, monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery
  2. Offering multiple software apps bundled with infrastructure to help customers quickly maximize their ROI on cloud investments


To successfully achieve their business goal, it was critical for them to provide capabilities around automated provisioning and management based on their current VMware based DC infrastructure. But they lacked the skillsets and experience to do so.

They evaluated few solutions which could help with this automation, but they were specific to hardware and the cost was prohibitive.


After exploring a bunch of options, they selected CoreStack as it gave them a unique capability to bundle compute, network, storage and software, with a simplicity of Self-service. Using CoreStack Enterprise platform they added following capabilities in their cloud offerings

  1. Self-service for Infrastructure management
  2. The infrastructure provisioned using CoreStack are kept under customer specific VLANs and relevant security group rules are applied
  3. In-built cloud operations capabilities such as advanced monitoring of infrastructure & network, backup & DR
  4. Easy integration with 3rd party tools and software like Office 365, Zabbix, and network monitoring tools to offer value added services


  • Achieved the key business goal of launching cloud services and hence create new revenue streams
  • Already on-boarded couple of Enterprise customers. Confidently providing value add services to customers using a robust cloud management platform

Future Plans

Enhance their customer service catalogue by adding more

  1. Infrastructure resource types
  2. Integrations with automation tools and software
  3. Extend support to multi cloud platforms


Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

Business Goals

Grow business by launching new capabilities around cloud services


CoreStack Enterprise for

  • Cloud Consumption
  • Cloud Operations Orchestration


  • Achieved the goal of launching services around cloud
  • Already on-boarded 2 Enterprise customers

Why CoreStack?

  • A single platform which can bundle compute, network, storage & software
  • An intuitive self-service interface
  • Solid product roadmap to support current and future needs e.g. AI driven orchestration

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