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What is Cloud Lab as a Service (CLaaS)?

Cloud Lab as a Service (CLaaS) is an on-demand, virtual practice environment for students/professionals pursuing technical subjects. This offering allows students & professionals the convenience of access to practice labs anytime and anywhere, to supplement classroom learning.

Enriching Education with Online Practice Labs

CoreStack’s CLaaS platform enhances instructor-led education by providing real world hands-on practice environments. Automated orchestration and governance simplifies the provisioning of complex lab environments while minimizing risk and security vulnerabilities. Integrating with industry leading learning management systems provides students with consistent access throughout the learning cycle.

Let CoreStack CLaaS manage your lab environments allowing your students to focus on learning.

Who Can Benefit from CLaaS?


CLaaS helps universities provide a blended learning experience by offering secure lab environments to thousands of students simultaneously, as a supplement to the classroom sessions.


CLaaS enables online education providers to quickly provision lab environments for multiple courses at once, ensuring that professionals enrolled in courses have a hands-on experience of technical subjects.

Corporate Training Providers

CLaaS helps corporate trainees imbibe the technologies explained in the instructor-led sessions, with immediate practical sessions powered by on-demand virtual lab environments.

5 Ways Education Institutions Benefit from CLaaS

Decrease Deployment Time by up to 70%

CoreStack uses ‘templates’ to automate the deployment of lab training environments of various courses. This helps quickly set up lab environments, with pre-installed applications.

24/7 Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Students can access these online lab environments from their dorm rooms, using their tablets or laptops, at any time.

Increase ROI of Existing Infrastructure

CLaaS optimizes the utilization of your existing infrastructure. Higher levels of utilization leads to increased return on investment.

Avoid Cloud Cost Inflation with Lab Auto-Expiration

Unutilized lab environments inflate cloud costs. CoreStack ensures auto-expiration of lab environments as per preset timelines, avoiding possible cloud sprawls.

Easy Tear Down of Labs

Students’ work is saved whenever they shut down the lab. Once students are done with the course, admin can easily destroy lab environments, paving the way for newer ones.


  • Partnering with CloudEnablers has redefined the way our learners apply their practical knowledge of emerging technologies such as big data and data science. This is a great learning tool and some of our enterprise customers would also like to include this platform with their corporate training modules as well,” said Vivek Sridhar, Director – Global Training Delivery & Customer Experience at Simplilearn.

    Vivek Sridhar Director - Simplilearn

Powerful Features

CoreStack CLaaS is the quickest way to easily launch and manage the lab environment for your technical courses in the cloud of your choice.

Unified Dashboard

View your trending courses, including which ones are experiencing maximum deregistration.

Self Service Portal

Your students can view available labs and enroll in the ones they’re interested in.

LMS Integration

CoreStack’s microservice architecture ensures that CLaaS can easily integrate with your learning management system.

Automated Infrastructure Scalability

Infrastructure scalability is automated to meet hikes and falls in demand. With automated deprovisioning, your lab environment is automatically shut down after a stipulated time period.

Customized reports

Course-wise enrollment, highest deregistration’s, most popular course? CoreStack CLaaS offers customized reporting with actionable insights for your organization.

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