CoreStack™ + Microsoft Azure

A match made in hea cloud
– Now available on Azure Marketplace


A free 2 week evaluation edition of CoreStack Enterprise is available in Azure Marketplace. The offer is available in 18 regions covering US/Canada/Europe/APAC/Middle East.

Cloud Resource Insights:

  • Unified IT/ Operations Dashboard

Orchestration & Automation:

  • Provisioning, Deployment and Optimization
  • Ready to use Template / Script marketplace
  • Operational Control of physical, virtual, hybrid & multi cloud environments
  • Drag & Drop Native DSL Template Builder
  • Security, Policy, Compliance Inspection & Remediation

Cloud Service Broker:

  • Self-Service IT Portal

Cost Management:

  • Budget, Chargebacks & Cost Analysis

Access Control:

  • Multi-Tenency, RBAC, AD/SAML Integration

CoreStack Integration Stack:

  • Supported Cloud Platforms: AWS,Azure,OpenStack, CloudStack, vCenter, Oracle
  • Native Template Support: AWS CFN, Azure ARM, OpenStack, HEAT, MISTRAL
  • Script Orchestration: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Powershell, Shell Script
  • Tools Integrations: Nagios, Zabbix, sFlow-RT, Jenkins, Log stash, Elastic_Search
  • Security Integration: AWS Inspector, Azure Security Center

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