Cloud Operations management for Mobile Gaming


leading multimedia company which develops mobile Games, digital content and digital creation tools. Have won multiple awards for their work and their apps figures in top 10 for India.


  • Managing and Automating Cloud Operations
  • Maintaining High availability, scalability and optimization of resources
  • Managing DR and BCP


  • Automated the Application release management, Monitoring and scaling
  • Automated DR Process
  • Automated Log Operations
  • Automated scale-up and scale down of infra based on utilization
  • Automated the Optimization of resources
  • Automated Policy management and alerts
  • Built necessary event based remediation to improve application availability

Key Advantage

The complete Cloud operations including provisioning, Deployment, Monitoring, Scaling, Remediation and DR are handled through Corestack.

Benefit Drivers


  • Increased scalability based on demand
  • Decreased deployment time by 70%


  • Increased application availability and maintaining at 99.99%


  • Reduced manual effort for maintenance
  • Decreased the infrastructure spend

Technology and Tools

  • AWS EC2,S3,Glacier, API Management, RDS, CDN,CFN,VPC, Load Balancer, AWS Inspector, MySQL, OSSEC, Nagios, Qualys


  • No of Process Automated:15
  • No of end users:500+

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