CoreStack Features & Benefits

How CoreStack Makes Cloud Management Easy

Capabilities Creating Possibilities

A combination of modules and portals that make Cloud Governance smooth and supports the governance platform to achieve its full potential.

Self Service IT

The one stop shop for developers

  • Single Portal
    Consume services from any cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, vmware vSphere, Cloudstack), any virtualization
  • Pre-bundled Workload
    A pre set workflow encompassing infrastructure and application configuration
  • Flexibility
    Build your own environment by choosing right infrastructure and application service
  • Improved Policy Enforcement
    Better policy adherence such as expiration date, starting and stopping of VM at scheduled time to improve utilization and cost optimization
  • Custom Workflow
    Approval based workflow that controls the request inflow and acts as a gate keeper before the services are made available
  • User-friendly Dashboard
    IT user dashboard providing a view of inventory and associated details such as infrastructure access information, requested services, expiration date etc.

Operations Management

Increased control of your IT operations

  • Single Template
    Build infrastructure and application stack by chaining them in a single template or blueprint with dependencies built-in
  • Enhanced Cost Control
    Control cost via custom policies
  • Easy Monitoring
    Monitor and manage SLAs
  • Centralized Management
    A centralized management of access, security and resource policies
  • Automation
    Improve cost governance by automating metering and chargebacks
  • Systematic Reporting
    Operations dashboard and reporting showing inventory, cloud utilization and cost across the organization

Cost Management

Multi-cloud spending optimized

  • Financial Dashboard
    A financial operations dashboard providing insights across multi-cloud into:
    Cloud services usage and consumption
    Capacity planning
  • Tracking Enabled
    Track cloud cost by department, cost centre and cloud
  • Increased Visibility
    View into current and past usage and also forecast usage

Our Capabilities Transforming Yours

We enable your teams and your management to ascend to the next level of their efficiency. Our capabilities transform your operations fuelling your business capabilities. Not fully convinced? Then contact us. We will be happy to help cement this.

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