In this major release we have enhanced all the 4C’s(CloudOPS,Compliance,Consumption & Cost) of Multi Cloud Governance cutting across AWS and Azure Cloud.


Cloud Operation

1.Define Remediation Action During Cloud Account On-boarding

This feature is specifically helpful for customers wanting to have a frictionless cloud governance without requiring any manual intervention.  Define the thresholds and the corresponding remediation action while on-boarding a Cloud account and let the system configure the same rules for newly provisioned resources in future. Following remediation options can be configured:
  • Customer may choose to activate auto remediation for certain threshold conditions there by reducing the MTTR(Mean Time To Resolve)
  • Let the System take a decision on performing auto remediation with the Machine learning capabilities based on the previous actions
  • Let the ops team perform the remediation manually , ops admin can specify which remediation action should be triggered during the account on-boarding

2. Snooze/Cancel the Configured Auto Remediation

The user will be notified 5 minutes before the auto remediation through email to snooze or cancel the auto remediation flow for specific threshold alerts.

3. Reports

  • Availability or Downtime report for all the resources
  • Utilization reports for all Cloud resources
  • Activity log or Audit trail reports for different resources



we have made several enhancements to the inventory section to make it more transactional and data reach:
  • Resource Utilization data made available in Inventory section for all resources
  • Support for Cloud management action including Create new resource option
  • Activity based discovery and rediscovery of resources to ensure near realtime synch with the Cloud platform data

Self Service

The self service module provides more enterprise specific features keeping overall governance into consideration.
  • Support for new IaaS services such as ScaleSet,Load Balancer, AKS ..etc
  • Support for Pass services such as AzureSQL,MSSQL,PGSQL Database
  • Enterprise specific governance enforcements like tagging and naming standards
  • Mandating add-ons based on the SLA and Backup committed to customer for specific workloads
  • Quick launch option to support provisioning without approval
  • ITSM based approval workflow to support approval from external systems
ServiceNow Integration(ITSM Workflow)
Incident Management – Threshold received by CoreStack from various cloud can be pushed to the ITSM  systems such as ServiceNow for Incident ticket creation with specific priority and assignment group. It helps reducing MTTA(Mean Time To Acknowledge).
Request Management :
  • Workflow 1 – ServiceNow as the Self Service Portal – In this case request creation and approval happens in ITSM portal and the Orchestration and fulfilment along with the governance set-up is done by CoreStack.
  • Workflow 2 – CoreStack as the Self Service Portal – In this case request creation is through CoreStack and approval happens in ITSM . All the request life cycle is performed in CoreStack and ITSM acts as system of record.


A separate product offering with focus on ISO and HIPAA compliance is available in CoreStack catering to the needs of enterprises with compliance  specific needs.

Several policies and remediations with respect to various resources is made available in this release.

Please feel free to connect with [email protected] to get a preview of all the features, we would be happy to Orchestrate a demo session as  per your need.

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