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Cloud is the foundation of the new agile business world. It is no longer an aspirational technology but a competitive necessity. More and more enterprises are adopting cloud services from multiple vendors as they navigate their digital transformation journeys.

Along with the business transformational benefits cloud offers, it presents a new set of challenges. Even after 14 years since its inception, Infrastructure & operations (I&O) leaders still struggle to balance the agility and flexibility it offers with the spiraling costs and business needs to stay secure and compliant.

This critical balance cannot be achieved without governance guardrails.

To unleash the full potential of cloud, a well defined, systematic, business-outcome centric, autonomous, and continuous governance framework is paramount.

The goal of this ‘Definitive Guide to Enterprise Cloud Governance’ is to highlight the key components of cloud governance and the best practices.

This guide introduces a continuous and autonomous Cloud Governance model called OSCAR. It covers all the critical pillars of cloud governance – Operations, Security, Cost, Access control, and Resource consistency.

The guide also covers Cloud compliance which has become a strategic necessity to stay secure and adhere to standards and regulations.

The governance model discussed in the guide is not limited to any specific cloud platform or adoption model. This definitive guide is intended to help various business and IT roles associated with Digital transformation initiatives with cloud at the core – Business leaders, CIOs, CISOs, Compliance and Security teams, Cloud Architects, DevOps, and Application Developers. It has been built based on numerous interactions with global enterprises, managed service providers, industry experts and secondary research.

Download Free – The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Cloud Governance:

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