As Enterprises start using various services provided by cloud providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) become the critical link between their technology adoption and an optimal ROI. CoreStack is a cloud governance platform that empowers MSPs to help their Enterprise customers in their digital transformation journey.  The critical capability CoresStack provides MSPs is around Process Standardisation. It will significantly enable MSPs to serve their current customers efficiently and quickly add new customers. In this post, we will discuss how MSPs can benefit from Process Standardisation.

CoreStack – The Business Advantage for MSPs

CoreStack’s 4Cs approach to cloud governance helps MSPs standardise the business processes under management while also helping Enterprises optimise their cloud spend. Some of the key business advantages CoreStack platform provides are:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing intuitive interfaces, blueprints, etc. offered by the CoreStack platform, MSPs can easily reduce friction for their customers in better utilising cloud services, thereby, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Creative Pricing Models: By tapping into Cost optimisation solutions of CoreStack platform, MSPs can offer creative pricing model that ties into cost savings for their customers
  • Eliminate Waste: By using the alerting features and the machine learning engine underneath and auto-remediation, MSPs can reduce resource wastage, thereby, boosting the ROI for themselves and also their customers
  • Easy On-boarding: CoreStack platform makes training new employees seamless, helping onboard new employees faster than in the past
  • Optimise Personnel Costs: By leveraging the automation provided by CoreStack’s orchestration engine, MSPs can optimise on personnel costs and gain better margins
  • Scaling the Business: By standardising processes across tools and various cloud services, it is easy for MSPs to replicate them with other customers, making it easy to scale the business

Clearly, the business advantages of using CoreStack platform are immense for MSPs. By leveraging the platform for process standardisation, they can realise better ROI and scale.

CoreStack – The Technical Advantage for MSPs

Technically, CoreStack platform is architected to help MSPs standardise, customise, scale and stay compliant with any regulatory requirement. Some of the technical advantages CoreStack platform provides MSPs in standardising processes are:

  • Self-service: A self-service interface and powerful orchestration engine makes consumption of various cloud services streamlined. With automated workflows, service consumption can be standardised
  • Easy Integration with Other Automation Tools:
    • Integration with ITSM tools like ServiceNow can help standardise processes around help-desk tickets
    • Integration with DevOps tools can help standardise processes around application deployments
  • Standardise Governance: Easy standardisation of governance policy stipulation and enforcement
  • Resource Management: Standardisation of processes around resource management. For example, reduction of resource wastage, cost optimisation, etc. makes it easy to scale across multiple customers

Thus, through Process standardisation, CoreStack provides several key competitive advantages to MSPs in efficiently servicing their customers. Take a test ride of CoreStack platform by checking out the demo!

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