CoreStack Version 2.5 Release Notes

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We are proud to announce that we’ve released new and improved CoreStack, version 2.5 last week. We listened to the customer feedback and added new features that are bound to enhance the user experience and help manage and govern cloud environments better.

Here’s a look at some of the new features and improvements that have debuted in this release.

CoreStack Version 2.5 Release Notes

Dashboard Improvements

Since dashboards provide a bird’s eye view of all that’s going on in the cloud environments, they are the key tools used by admins to monitor cloud costs, health and security.

Cost Governance Dashboard

💰 Cost Breakdown (Azure and AWS)

InCoreStack Version 2.5 Release Notestroducing cost breakdown for Azure and AWS. As per this, you can view breakdown by – service, cloud account, tags/location, resource group (Azure only), linked accounts (AWS only), and resource types.


🔔Template Pre-execute Notification

CoreStack Version 2.5 Release NotesProactively notifies/warns the user for any cost overrun for the selected Cloud Account before triggering the automation.


📉 Cost Optimization recommendations

For Azure users, the dashboard will display VM optimization recommendations for greater cost economy.




CloudOps Dashboard

📄 Information

Improvements in Alerts, such as Remediation Action for VM, VM Scale Set and App Services (Web Apps), and prediction based usage trends.Plus Activity log, Automation Failure and Automation KPIs.




📊 Insights

To derive actionable intelligence from past data, insight trends of last 30 days, of most noisy cloud account, most noisy cloud and other resources provided.




⚙️ Inference

CoreStack Version 2.5 Release NotesAlert predictions will be displayed for specific timeframes – Next 24 hours, 48 hours and even 15 days.




Compliance Dashboard

⚖️ Compliance Posture

CoreStack Version 2.5 Release NotesCompliance measures specific to industries are also being added and checked. Example: HIPPA/HI Trust.






☁️ Cloud Native Security Findings (Azure Security Center)

For Azure users, the dashboard displays security findings on a per cloud account, consortium (NIST, CISA, FEDRAMP), CCE (NIST), CVE (NIST) and infrastructure basis.




✔️ Recommendations

Resource optimization recommendations are displayed as a summary as well as on a category or account basis.






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