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As pointed out in the previous posts, the latest release of CoreStack platform has the 4Cs of multi cloud at the core of the platform. In the previous posts, we talked about Cost Analytics, Cloud Consumption and Cloud Observability. In this post, we will talk about how CoreStack platform makes it easy for organizations to adhere to internal and external cloud compliance needs. The role of the modern IT is not only to enable innovation on top of multi cloud, but also to ensure that the organization complies with policies and manages governance seamlessly. At CloudEnablers, we consider Compliance as the 4th C or pillar of the CoreStack multi cloud platform.


Cloud governance touches upon everything from planning to consumption to cost management to operational aspects including security. Without a proper governance structure and without the right tool to implement the structure, organizations are faced with risks including suboptimal resource sprawl leading to high costs, security risks, integration issues and, in certain cases, may even lead to increased shadow IT. CoreStack platform is built to tackle this critical need for enterprises. CoreStack puts visibility and recommendations at the center of cloud governance and makes it easy for central IT teams to ensure compliance with their governance policies.

Identify non-compliance at a glance

The Compliance tab of CoreStack Dashboard starts with what is important to central IT, i.e., non-compliance issues. This makes the ITOps team aware when something is non-compliant – be it about security, costs or even standards.

Cloud Compliance

One cursory look tells you the issues that fall outside of the compliance requirement through clear visualization. You can further dig into these issues to see what is going wrong. The Compliance dashboard also gives an immediate update on compliance posture which helps the managers or IT leaders understand what is happening in the organization.


Not just information. Ensure swift action

The visualizations and details can inform the stakeholders about what is happening but unless the non-compliance issues are acted upon immediately, there is only limited value. CoreStack platform goes beyond just visualizations to give recommendations for suitable actions which can save tons of money and resources for the organization. In today’s agile-centric world, immediate action is a competitive advantage.

Cloud Compliance


Recommendations to resolve non-compliance

CoreStack platform Recommendations engine, based on both rules and learning models, gives the edge to act immediately and resolve non-compliance issues.


CoreStack governance platform is well rounded and gives information on potential cost savings and the overview of security issues either by cloud accounts or based on consortium. This helps security teams stay agile and in tune with the developers. What makes CoreStack platform different from others in the market is it is easy to move from a higher-level overview to pinpoint a problem and get recommendations with few clicks. This ease of use, when it comes to tackling a beast like cloud governance, makes CoreStack platform a critical need as organizations begin to innovate with a multi cloud strategy.


This rounds up our series of posts talking about how CoreStack Platform is built on top of the 4Cs of Multi Cloud success. We hope that you are now convinced by the versatility of CoreStack platform to meet the needs of modern enterprise. If you are ready to try our platform, feel free to request a demo.

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