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Irrespective of the cloud platform and the service, Operations, Security, Cost, Access control, and Resource consistency form the core of a transformational cloud governance model. We call this as OSCAR Cloud Governance.

Operations Governance

Eliminate cloud silos, leverage automation, and gain deeper insights into your cloud operations. Thus, avoid cloud outages and improve efficiencies.

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Security Governance

Build guardrails to secure your cloud proactively. Attain real-time security posture and trend analysis. Detect security gaps and policy violations and fix them before they transform to business threats.

Cost Governance

Cloud costs can spiral upwards in no time. Put a stop to cloud waste by continually discovering and eliminating inefficient resources. Build accountability with budget controls and charge-backs.

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Access Governance

Access or Privilege creep is a common problem as enterprises navigate cloud journey. Gain deeper insights into your cloud access and build access governance based on the principle of least privilege.

Resource Governance

Define, enforce, and track the resource naming and tagging standards, sizing, and their usage by regions. Follow consistent & standard practices pertaining to resource deployment, management, and reporting

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Key Product Capabilities

Operations Governance through Enterprise Cloud Governance

Operations Governance

  • Monitoring alerts and remediation
  • Activity tracking
  • Backup and restore
  • Patch management
Security Governance through Enterprise Cloud Governance

Security Governance

  • Governance posture
  • Threats and vulnerabilities by cloud, account, tenant, and type
Cost governance

Cost Governance

  • Deeper visibility & insights
  • Cost optimization
  • Budget controls
  • Charge-backs
Access Governance

Access Governance

  • Visibility and insights by user, service, role, and policy
  • Access utilization and violations
Resource Governance

Resource Governance

  • Comprehensive visibility
    of Inventory
  • Tagging & naming standards
  • Resource locks


  • Resource discovery
  • Scheduling and notifications
  • Templates and scripts


  • Overall governance summary
  • By cloud, account, tenant
  • By operations, security, cost, access, and resource


  • Activity and Monitoring
  • Utilization
  • Cost
  • Compliance
  • Inventory

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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"CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey"

Shailu Tipparaju, CTO – Examity

Unleash the Power of Cloud. On Your Terms.

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