Assure Continuous Cloud Compliance

With CoreStack Enterprise Cloud Compliance (ECC)

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CoreStack Enterprise Cloud Compliance (ECC) leverages a unique compliance framework; Abstracted Cloud Compliance Controls (AC3), to achieve continuous and autonomous cloud compliance. AC3 helps you achieve couple of critical benefits:

  • Assess once and gain compliance status across multiple standards and regulations
  • Compliance posture at a cloud service level

AssesCloud Compliance 

Assess your cloud compliance status against standards and regulations relevant to your organization – ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, FedRAMP, AWS Well-Architected framework, and custom standards. 

Enterprise Cloud Compliance Assess Cloud Compliance
Enterprise Cloud Compliance Real time Compliance Posture

Gain Real-time Compliance Posture 

Monitor the status of your cloud compliance – Configuration drifts and policy violations. 

Control Abstraction and Service Mapping

Identify equivalent controls across standards. Benefit from readymade mapping of compliance controls with various cloud services.

Enterprise Cloud Compliance Access Posture
Enterprise Cloud Compliance Automate Compliance Controls

Automate Compliance Controls

Enforce compliance policies, assess the gaps, and trigger the pre-defined remediations automatically.

Discover Dynamic Cloud Inventory

Gain a comprehensive, unified, and real-time visibility of all the resources in your dynamic and heterogeneous cloud environment.

Enterprise Cloud Compliance Discover Dynamic Cloud Inventory
Enterprise Cloud Compliance Access Posture

Attain Access Posture

Gain granular visibility into access utilization and violations based on the principle of least privilege.

Key Product Capabilities


Compliance Dashboard

  • Real-time and unified posture 
  • Compliance status at a cloud service level
  • Open violations by category and resource type


  • 13 standards, 1000+ controls, and 800+ policies
  • Controls abstraction across standards 
  • Support for custom controls and policies


  • Enforcement of policies 
  • User-defined remediation 
  • Recommendations
Resource Governance


  • By cloud, account, tentant, category, and application 
Access Governance


  • Visbility and insights by user, service, role, and policy


  • Inventory reports 
  • Audit reports by standards, controls, and policies

Continuous Cloud Compliance. Delivered.

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