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[Webinar] AI-Powered Cloud Governance for Security, Cost, and Operations

April 18 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

[Webinar] AI-Powered Cloud Governance for Security, Cost, and Operations

Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud technologies to drive innovation, agility, and cost-effectiveness, leveraging AI-powered solutions to streamline operations. However, the rapid changes that come with cloud adoption can also create chaos in management and controls, leading to inefficient operations, overspending, weakened security postures, and unnecessary complexities.

To create a clear path forward, it’s crucial to establish effective governance policies that are adapted to the cloud environment. Join our upcoming webinar, where cloud leaders from Orion Innovation, CoreStack, and AWS, discuss how to unlock the potential of robust cloud governance practices and AI.

When: Thursday, April 18 | 11am ET

This webinar will cover:

  • Operational processes that hold businesses back
  • The impact of inefficient operations
  • The crucial role of cloud governance
  • Implementing cloud cost, operations, and security strategies into practice
  • Leveraging CoreStack for efficiency and strategies to elevate cloud governance
  • Real-world success stories in cloud governance
  • Maturing operational experience with a cloud operation center


  • Sandeep Chellingi, Global Practice Leader for Cloud & Infrastructure, Orion Innovation
  • Venkatesh Perumal, Field CTO, CoreStack
  • Kishore Vinjam, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

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