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Unlocking The Potential Of Your Multi-Cloud Governance

Enjoy increased control and optimization of multi-cloud governance. CoreStack™ Enterprise with its Cloud-as-Code™ approach unlocks the complete potential of your multi-cloud environment. The platform ensures automated delivery of infrastructure and application services. Helps enforce better control over budget, visibility, operations, security and compliance.

Why Have The Governance Platform

Increased Agility

Provides smooth governance through Self Service IT by exposing pre-approved and built infrastructure, application and related services as catalogs for IT Teams to be consumed on demand.

Operational Control

Implements greater control while delivering infrastructure, application and associated services by tying them with policies and granular level of access restrictions.


Provides visibility into all clouds by tagging them with individual roles. Right from access to individual cloud resources for the IT team to an overall view of cost associated with the cloud usage for the CIO.

Budget Tracking

Monitors cost with strong policies that addresses the multi-cloud environment by enabling decision making to control budget.

Ensuring Security

Embeds security and compliance requirement while delivering infrastructure, application and associated services while providing reports on defined policy violations.


Provides continuous optimization of resource utlization and cost, while maintaining availability and performance across their workloads.

How Does The Platform Help

With CoreStack™ Enterprise every stakeholder of your IT infrastructure benefits and so does your business.

IT Dev/Test Team

  • Self-service portal for the developers
  • Automated application service delivery
  • Enhanced infrastructure service delivery

IT Operations

  • Smooth operation management module 
  • Better control over the operations lifecycle
  • Optimization of IT operations

Cost Management

  • Cost management system for the CIO
  • Systematic and efficient reporting
  • Increased budgetary control

What Are Its Capabilities

Self Service IT

Simplifies developer access to multi-cloud platforms offering pre-bundled workloads, infrastructure and cloud app services to improve productivity.

Operations Management

Supports life cycle operations of multi cloud infrastructure, applications and services using orchestration templates, scripts and tool chaining.

Cost Management

Enables views and control cloud usage and cost spanning
across multi-cloud.

Case Studies

A peek into the platform’s success stories

Product Brochure

Your window to know more about the platform

Intelligent Platform For Intelligent Governance

With CoreStack™ Enterprise you enjoy better visibility and control over Cloud Governance. Empower your team to create increased return across your IT and business value chain. Connect with us to find out more.

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