Case Study

How upGrad Improved Team Productivity by 75% and Net Promoter Score by 7%


Industry: Education
Business Goals:

  • Improve learner onboarding experience
  • Provisioning learning labs with minimal or no set-up time
  • Improved visibility on user-wise lab usage
  • Optimize costs and enhance efficiency


  • AWS

Business Challenges

upGrad's unprecedented growth resulted in inevitable operational challenges associated with:

  • Learner onboarding
  • Set-up time for learning labs
  • Visibility on user-wise lab usage
  • Stability of lab environments while handling large datasets, un-optimized queries, and multiple concurrent users
  • Set-up and management of scalable big data environment
  • Resolve issues faced by the learners and the content-delivery teams




upGrad rapidly build these solutions leveraging CoreStack:

  • Automated lab provisioning, de-provisioning, monitoring and remediation, usage reporting, and optimization
  • Integration with LMS to provide instructions for lab usage & debugging and FAQs
  • Auto-scaling Big Data cluster to provide a seamless experience for 500+ concurrent learners executing jobs on huge datasets
  • Weekly reports across the Big data platform, labs performance, & usage analytics


  • Productivity improved by 75% all through the Big Data course duration
  • Learner satisfaction, as measured by Net promoter score (NPS), increased by 7%
  • Seamless experience delivered to 500+ concurrent users running jobs on large datasets
  • Cloud infrastructure costs for Big data cluster was reduced by over 50%


Improved Team Productivity


Reduced Cloud Costs


Improved Net Promoter Score

“We are able to focus on providing seamless learning experiences to our Learners, as we now rely on CoreStack’s intelligent platform for online training labs. From provisioning of labs to monitoring, from scaling to termination; everything is automated. Our learners and instructors love it! No more time is wasted in troubleshooting set-up issues. The quick turnaround time offered by them has helped us resolve our Learners’ queries at much faster rates than before. As a strategic technology partner, CoreStack has played an essential role in our exponential growth story”

Aditi Suvarna

Senior Delivery Manager, upGrad

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