Case Study

How a Mobile Gaming Company Achieved 99.99% App Availability & Seamless Performance


Industry: Gaming
Business Goals:

  • Build a scalable and highly available gaming infastructure
  • Ensure seamless App performance


  • AWS

Business Challenges

  • Lean IT team which lacked the expertise to keep up with the pace of cloud operations.
  • Limited visibility and control over cloud costs.
  • Lack of exposure to industry best practices.


After careful evaluation, they decided to use CoreStack and built these solutions:

  • Streamlined operations by automating
    • Monitoring and remediation to ensure high availability especially when the concurrent usage is high. Used ML-based predictions for key operations metrics
    • Back-ups, archival, disaster recovery, and scheduled start & stop of resources
    • Tagging of resources and tag-based group actions

  • Easily integrated with other IT automation tools such as Zabbix & CHEF Cookbooks
    • Actionable insights and continuous recommendations on cost optimization

The Results

  • Achieved an Availability of 99.99% for the Cricket Gaming Apps
  • Achieved seamless performance of the Gaming Apps during unpredicted peak demand time
  • 8x growth in optimized AWS cloud consumption in 3 years to support high business growth
  • Using CoreStack’s unique ‘Connectorless’ model, rapidly on-boarded AWS Lambda service tied to governance within days instead of weeks


App Availability


Growth in AWS Cloud Consumption


Lambda Rapid On-boarding

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