How to Use Infrastructure as Code to Achieve DevOps at Scale

How to use Infrastructure as Code to achieve DevOps at scale

Infrastructure and environments are needed by development organizations to support their own build and release process. An IT practice like Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows you to codify and manage underlying IT infrastructure as software to enable developers or operations (DevOps) teams to automatically manage, monitor and provision resources, rather than manually configuring discrete hardware devices and operating systems.

Managing IaC provides the control required to support and scale DevOps with speed, consistency, and accountability.

AWS Marketplace is hosting a webinar; How to use Infrastructure as Code to achieve DevOps at scale, along with expert presenters from DevOps Institute to show how to take a declarative, version-controlled approach to IaC that provides a secure, fast, and repeatable method for deploying and updating your AWS environments.

CoreStack will be showcased in the webinar as one of the powerful tools that can help you build an effective IaC approach. This approach was used recently by our customer, Examity, to transform pandemic challenges into a strategic opportunity with online proctoring of tests on AWS – Workspaces. CoreStack was used to solve the challenges of security and scale. Within two months of implementing CoreStack, Examity realized cost savings of $1.5 million amounting to a reduction in cloud costs by over 40%. Thanks to the significant cost savings, Examity was able to scale opportunities globally, especially during this vulnerable time of the pandemic.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About IaC, GitOps, and how to avoid manual tweaks and scripting
  • How to increase operator productivity and developer agility with self-service provisioning while maintaining security and governance
  • How to manage and optimize your cloud costs through automation
  • How tools in AWS Marketplace such as HashiCorp Terraform, Densify, and CoreStack can help you build an effective IaC approach

Who should attend?

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), DevOps and engineering leaders, developers, cloud architects, and site reliability engineers.

Register for the webinar and learn more about leveraging Infrastructure as Code [Thursday, April 22 2021 @ 11am PT]

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