How to Get FinOps Right with Next-Gen Governance

According to’s  State of FinOps survey 2021*, these are the top challenges faced by business leaders:

  • No visibility into costs across clouds; hard to track spending and keep within budget
  • Unable to attribute expenses to cost centers and accurately forecast budgets
  • Spending way too much time in manual efforts on cost allocation to teams and business units

Business leaders need complete visibility to discover cost efficiencies, showback, and chargeback capabilities to accurately allocate costs, and better alerting mechanisms to identify violations in real-time. This ensures that your end-of-the-month bill is no longer a disastrous surprise.

In this webinar, you will learn the best practices to build a culture of financial accountability in your organization. Also, learn about the FinOps 360, a data-driven automated no-touch FinOps Maturity Assessment tool, and how it can help you understand your organization’s FinOps maturity. Leverage the assessment’s recommendations to improve your organization’s FinOps Maturity towards operating a lean and optimized cloud.

The Speakers:

  • Madhu Jagannathan, CFO, INRIX, Will share his insights and experience on cloud cost management
  • Bob Patel, VP – Sales, CoreStack, will speak about next-gen cloud financial management and its benefits
  • Chris Voisey, Customer Success Expert, CoreStack, will moderate the session

Watch the webinar to learn how . 


Who should watch this webinar? 

  • Cloud architects and IT Pros managing cloud accounts and resources
  • Business leaders interested in building a predictable, cost-optimized, resilient, secure cloud infrastructure

*State of FinOps 

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