How to Build a Successful FinOps Practice

FinOps practice helps organizations maximize business value by managing cloud costs with accountability, and efficient financial and operational control.  The more complex the organization and its cloud infrastructure and usage – e.g., Number of teams, workloads, and clouds – the greater the need for FinOps discipline. Building this culture of financial discipline is an iterative journey, which involves starting small, and growing in scale, scope, and complexity as the business matures.  The journey requires complete visibility into the cloud infrastructure; you need to know where you are to figure out where you need to go!

Talking to industry experts, customers, and partners we have observed that organizations are in different stages of this journey. FinOps Foundation, the leading industry body that champions culture of FinOps and financial accountability in cloud; has classified this journey into 3 stages: Crawl, Walk and Run; each stage has well-defined criteria and best practices.

In this session featuring Ashley Hromatko, Director of Business operations, FinOps Foundation, and gain actionable insights on the FinOps best practices to progress in your FinOps and Cloud Maturity journey. Learn how you can build that culture of financial accountability in your organization.

The Speakers:

  • Ashley Hromatko, Director of Business operations, FinOps Foundation
  • Venkatesh Perumal, Field CTO, CoreStack
  • Chris Voisey, Customer Success Expert, CoreStack, will moderate the session

Watch the webinar to learn how you can build a culture of financial accountability in your organization.

Who should watch this webinar? 

  • Cloud architects and IT Pros managing cloud accounts and resources
  • Business leaders interested in building a predictable, cost-optimized, resilient, secure cloud infrastructure

Understand where you are in your FinOps Maturity journey

CoreStack FinOps360 is a no-obligation, no-cost, risk-free Cloud FinOps Assessment where you can get detailed insights on your current state of FinOps and actionable recommendations to mature in your FinOps journey.

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