Case Study

Terilogy Puts Cloud Security and Compliance on Autopilot with CoreStack


Industry: MSP
Business Goals:

  • Automate security and compliance checking to save time and resources
  • Achieve holistic visibility across customer cloud accounts
  • Implement custom security policies for competitive advantage


  • Microsoft Azure

Business Challenges

  • Spending valuable resources on manual compliance checking
  • Maintaining visibility across customer cloud accounts
  • Risk of security and compliance violations


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CoreStack Solution

  • CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance SecOps solution


  • Centralized management of security configurations across cloud apps
  • Holistic visibility across 50+ customer accounts in a single view
  • Automated security and compliance checking
  • Support for custom security policies, providing competitive advantage

“We are delighted to partner with CoreStack to simplify the digital transformation journey of our customers. With CoreStack, we are now onboarding cloud accounts, including end-to-end compliance assessments, in a fraction of the time we were spending earlier.”

Hiroyuki Yamauchi

Group Manager, Terilogy

[On-Demand Webinar] The CoreStack Advantage | Beyond Cloud Native Solutions

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