What’s New With CoreStack 2.6

New in CoreStack 2.6

In this release, CoreStack delivers new features like introducing AWS governance, Azure Kubernetes Service support, users to have a better onboarding experience, Github support with the template execution, to name a few.


New Features 

Cloud Account On-boarding Flow: 

  • Webhook and Additional Email options to send Notifications.
  •  View Consolidated Governance Settings without entering the Auth credentials

Azure Governance: 

  • AKS support (Resource listing, Monitoring, Remediation, and Self Service) 
  • Backup Configuration 
  • Resource Lock (aka Termination Protection) 

AWS Governance: 

  • Products Supported (EC2,S3 & ECS) 
  • Integration with AWS Cloudwatch for Threshold alert 
  • Integration with AWS Cloud trail for the Activity log 
  • Auto shutdown Configuration (Feature now available at CoreStack, which AWS does not provide out of the box) 
  • Connectorless Discovery for EC2,ECS,S3,SNS & SQS (a.k.a Resource listing) 

CloudOPS Dashboard: 

  • Snooze/Skip alert. 

Machine Learning Engine:  

  • Increased accuracy of prediction, for the Trends Dashboard 

Github Support in template Execution 

  • Teams can now use different versions of templates.

New Policies, added: 

  • AWS Audit IAM User Password Rotation Compliance For X Days (AWS_Reset_IAM_Password) 
  • AWS Audit IAM Availability Compliance (AWS_Manage_IAM_Users) 
  • AWS Audit InActive IAM Users (AWS_Archieve_Inactive_IAM_Users) 

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