[Webinar] Why Amazon WorkSpaces and How to Unleash Its Power

Why WorkSpaces and How to Unleash Its Power Webinar

Whether working remotely or in an office, access to applications and desktops from anywhere is becoming a necessity. According to a Facts and Factors market research report, the Global Virtual Desktop (called Amazon WorkSpaces by AWS) Infrastructure Market size is expected to grow from $11.7 billion in 2020 to $30 billion by 2026. With benefits like cost-efficiency, device portability, and enhanced security, these virtual desktop infrastructure are being adopted extensively across various industries, including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Medical, and IT.

CoreStack brings you this exciting webinar and learn how Examity, the world's leading solution for learning validation, incorporated Amazon WorkSpaces and improved operational efficiencies by 40% and saved $1.5 million within the first 2 months and how you can too.

When: November 9, 2021, [11:00] AM PDT

Who are the Amazon WorkSpaces Webinar Expert Speakers:

  • Nitish Tipparaju, Enterprise Support Lead, AWS, will discuss Amazon WorkSpaces and how you can benefit from the solution
  • Shailu Tipparaju, Chief Innovative Officer, Examity, will outline how Examity overcame challenges as they took advantage of Amazon Workspaces at the peak of the pandemic. Shailu will also discuss the need to govern various aspects of their cloud infrastructure
  • Venkatesh Perumal, VP of Sales Engineering, CoreStack, will chime in with details about how CoreStack further amplifies the power of Amazon WorkSpaces

What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

At the end of this webinar, you’ll know more about how to:

  • Optimize the setup of Amazon WorkSpaces
  • Audit unused desktops so you can optimize your expenses
  • Analyze billing option recommendations

You'll also learn more about FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps – the trifecta of cloud governance and how they help to keep your organization's cloud infrastructure efficient, secure, and compliant.

Who Should Attend this Webinar:

  • Cloud architects and IT Pros considering using Amazon WorkSpaces
  • AWS customers already using Amazon WorkSpaces (and who want to expand its power)

[Webinar] Why Amazon WorkSpaces and How to Unleash Its Power

When: November 9, 2021, [11:00] AM PDT

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