[Webinar] How to Optimize Your Cloud Spend with FinOps Maturity Assessment

How to optimize your cloud spend with FinOps Maturity Assessment

Cloud adoption has seen unprecedented growth – and so has the complexity to govern cloud costs efficiently. Today's finance leaders are keen to find new and innovative ways to improve the bottom line. Whether single or multi-cloud, enterprises need complete visibility to operate a lean and optimized cloud.

Maturity assessments provide a detailed spend analysis across your cloud accounts from the three hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud), and will help you understand critical trends driving cloud consumption, as well as uncover areas that need further investigation.

Learn how CoreStack FinOps360 maturity assessment covers the FinOps framework’s iterative phases — Inform, Optimize and Operate – to analyze past usage and generates a report that contains trends, predictions, and recommendations to improve cost efficiency. This unbiased, automated assessment increases the accuracy and reduces false positives; and is much faster than a manual assessment.

When: December 14, 2021, [11:00] AM PDT

Who are the FinOps Maturity Assessment Webinar Expert Speakers:

  • Venkatesh Perumal, Field CTO, CoreStack, will present CoreStack FinOps360 assessment and walk you through a sample report
  • Parul Chheda, VP Strategic Alliances, CoreStack, will moderate the session

What will you learn?

  • About maturity levels and how to gain efficiencies
  • An in-depth understanding of the assessment report

Plus, the option to sign up for a free FinOps maturity assessment, valued at $2,500

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Cloud architects and IT Pros managing cloud accounts and resources
  • Business leaders interested in realizing the benefits of CoreStack FinOps360 and its ‘At-A-Glance’ actionable data

[Webinar] How to Optimize Your Cloud Spend with FinOps Maturity Assessment

When: December 14, 2021, [11:00] AM PDT

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