CoreStack Publishes White Paper on Single System of Intelligence for Cloud Resources

CoreStack Publishes White Paper on Single System of Intelligence for Cloud Resources

The paper focuses on how to transform cloud chaos into cloud confidence with the right governance model

BELLEVUE, WA — June 6, 2023 — CoreStack, a global multi-cloud governance provider, today announced that it has published a new white paper titled “CR360: A Single System of Intelligence for All Your Cloud Resources,” highlighting a revolutionary cloud governance model based on Cloud Resource 360 (or CR360™).

In order to achieve model cloud governance in today’s complex, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, enterprises need a cloud governance model – one that can take them from cloud chaos to cloud confidence. IDC has forecasted that global cloud spend will reach $1.3 trillion by 2025. As the use of cloud computing expands, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of robust cloud governance.

A veteran technology executive, Sridhar C., Chief Digital Officer of CoreStack and author of the white paper, states: “At the heart of CoreStack’s NextGen Cloud Governance platform, is the single system of intelligence for all your cloud resources, which we call CR360. This system has the power to transform cloud governance by providing new levels of visibility and insight without requiring multiple tools or cumbersome integrations. Any modifications made within a cloud resource instantly propagate across the entire portfolio of capabilities, and our patented connectorless approach means CoreStack cloud governance is future-ready across AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, or any combination of hyperscalers.”

“We are thrilled to introduce CR360 as the centerpiece of our governance model,” adds Bala Vishwanath, Chief Marketing Officer of CoreStack. “With seamless integration of FinOps, SecOps, CloudOps, Well-Architected Assessments, and future GreenOps capabilities, CoreStack delivers a range of functionality simply by leveraging different aspects of the data from each cloud resource. We are also able to associate the cloud resource with relevant workloads, dependencies, projects, and more, giving customers a complete view of each cloud resource by applying multiple lenses to the data. Moreover, the extensive data corpus derived from anonymized cloud resources enhances the training of advanced AI models, resulting in more intelligent recommendations for precise forecasting, optimal sizing, and accelerated digital transformation journeys.”

This white paper provides an in-depth exploration of CR360, including what it is, how it works, how enterprises benefit from it across operations, security and compliance, cost, access, and resources, and the crucial role it plays in achieving model cloud governance.

Visit to download the white paper CR360: A Single System of Intelligence for All Your Cloud Resources.

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