CoreStack Helps Examity Save $1.5 million and Reduce Cloud Costs by 40% Within the First 2 Months

CoreStack helps Examity save $1.5 million through Enterprise Cloud Governance solution

Examity, the world leader in learning validation and online proctoring, leverages CoreStack’s AI-powered enterprise cloud governance solution to reduce AWS cloud costs by 40% and to save $1.5 million within the first 2 months of deployment

October 20, 2020, BELLEVUE, WA — CoreStack, a global cloud governance provider that empowers enterprises to achieve continuous and autonomous cloud governance at scale, today announced that Examity, the world leader in learning validation and online proctoring, successfully leveraged CoreStack and reduced AWS cloud costs by 40% and saved $1.5 million within the first two  months of deployment.

Examity is the world’s leading solution for learning validation. The company works with colleges, universities, employers, and certification providers to create secure, high-quality educational experiences – and ensures that learners who play by the rules are honored for their work. Today, Examity takes pride in being able to handle more than 3 million assessments per year.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a massive shift towards online programs across the landscape of higher education and deepened the urgency of ensuring that online test-taking is as simple and secure as possible. However, with the pandemic, it became difficult for Proctors to work from their Proctoring centers. With security as the core focus, Examity commendably transformed this challenge into an opportunity by choosing industry leading cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Workspaces and AppStream, and moved the experience online, thus making it possible for Proctors to securely connect and perform proctoring of online tests. With this rapid shift, while the experience was very fluid and positively responsive, the cloud delivery costs also spiraled upwards, with restricted visibility into cloud assets and manual processes to provision and manage cloud services.

“Examity’s relentless focus on delivering unparalleled value to our customer experience powered by innovation and propelled by customer focus, keeps us in an ongoing journey of continuous positive transformation. As we were migrating to the AWS cloud, we were looking for an equally innovative and customer-centric technology partner to solve the challenges of security and scale. CoreStack’s AI-powered continuous and autonomous cloud governance was just that perfect solution in our digital transformation journey,” said Shailu Tipparaju, Chief Technology Officer of Examity.

CoreStack enabled Examity to achieve transformative benefits:

  • Automation: Unified and granular visibility into cloud costs by regions, tags, resource types, and resources, which helped the company rapidly set up efficiency, security and cost controls and promote a culture of accountability. Automatic alert systems that helped with identifying security configuration drifts thus thwarting potential vulnerabilities.
  • Innovation: Advanced AI-powered recommendations that continually empowered Examity in right-sizing the workspaces and in reducing costs on under-utilized storage. Enablement of global tagging standards and implementation of best practices prescribed in the AWS Well Architected Framework (WAF).
  • Governance: Cloud inventory management that helped Examity with a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire cloud estate and their key operational metrics.
  • Security: Cloud security that helped Examity establish security standards such as disk encryptions, automated security configurations, and implement IAM policies.

“CoreStack rapidly helped us achieve future-ready robust cloud governance. We were able to realize cost savings of $1.5 million amounting to a reduction in cloud costs by over 40% within 2 months of implementing CoreStack. This is impressive value from any new implementation. Thanks to this significant cost savings, we were able to retain jobs and scale opportunities globally, especially during this vulnerable time of the pandemic,” added Shailu. 

“At CoreStack, we thrive in delivering transformational value to our esteemed customers. Enabling Examity to achieve impressive cost savings within a short period of time proves that CoreStack is an apt solution for any enterprise adopting cloud as a part of their digital transformation journey,” said Ezhilarasan Natarajan, CEO of CoreStack.

About Examity
Examity is the world’s leading solution for learning validation. Examity was founded to meet the needs of colleges, employers, and assessment providers looking to ensure test integrity. Since 2013, Examity has partnered with hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide a cost-effective and flexible online proctoring solution. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @examity.

About CoreStack

CoreStack, an AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution, empowers enterprises to rapidly achieve Continuous and Autonomous Cloud Governance at Scale. CoreStack enables enterprises to realize outcomes such as 40% decrease in cloud costs and 50% increase in operational efficiencies by governing operations, security, cost, access, and resources. CoreStack also assures 100% compliance with standards such as ISO, FedRAMP, NIST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, AWS CIS & Well Architected Framework (WAF). Enterprises face significant cloud challenges including unpredictable and unabated cloud costs, ever growing security risks, stringent regulatory compliance needs and operational complexities as they navigate the digital transformation journey. CoreStack helps enterprises overcome these challenges by offering deeper cloud visibility, preventative governance guardrails, and automatic remediation. With a unique Cloud-as-Code approach that uses deep AI/ML, declarative definitions, connector-less model and a patented cloud service-chaining technology, CoreStack continually innovates to harness the real power of cloud. CoreStack works with many large global customers across multiple industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Technology and Government. The company is backed by venture investors including Dallas Venture Partners (DVP), Z5 Capital and Start Smart Labs. CoreStack was recognized as IDC Innovator in Cloud Management Solutions and in the Gartner Magic quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms in 2020. Earlier in 2019, Gartner named CoreStack as a Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing. CoreStack is a Microsoft Azure Gold & Co-Sell Partner and Amazon AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Learn more at

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