Corestack Gets Recognized In Gartner Magic Quadrant

CoreStack Gets Recognition In Gartner Magic Quadrant

In the recently published Gartner’s first ever Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Cloud Management Platforms-2019, CoreStack gets the honorable mention based on the customer queries they received about our platform. At CoreStack, we are happy to see this recognition. This not only indicates that we are solving a major customer pain point, but it also validates our approach to governance. Gartner MQ highlights platforms supporting automation, cloud resource management and lifecycle management across multi-cloud. CoreStack fits into this classification by Gartner, and we are happy to be listed along with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, VMware, Red Hat, and others.

A holistic approach to governance

From the beginning, our philosophy for cloud governance is holistic spanning everything from service consumption, costs, metrics, and compliance. We believe that cloud governance cannot be an afterthought and should be baked into the entire IT lifecycle. With this in mind, we developed the 4Cs approach to cloud governance: Consumption, Costs, Cloud Observability and Compliance. Our 4Cs framework breaks down the data silos that often impacts enterprise governance. By bringing together all the data from the moment a cloud service is consumed to costs to monitoring to security, we ensure that multi-cloud complexity doesn’t impact enterprise governance. Our platform is a reflection of this philosophy, and this is the reason why many customers prefer the CoreStack platform for their governance needs.

Why customers choose CoreStack?

  • Multi-cloud adds enormous complexity, adding operational headaches and innovation bottlenecks. CoreStack provides a single pane of glass to manage all the different cloud services from various providers
  • In the CoreStack platform, the governance starts from service consumption through the entire lifecycle of application delivery. By starting with service consumption, CoreStack ensures that shadow IT is prevented
  • CoreStack’s Connectorless approach to cloud service integration makes it easy to add any new service or tool
  • CoreStack is not only built cloud-native, but it can also integrate with cloud-native services whether it is containers or serverless
  • CoreStack uses machine learning and advanced heuristics to handle governance and compliance proactively. This becomes very important when it comes to managing the distributed nature of multi-cloud services

CoreStack platform provides the same user experience offered by individual cloud providers while giving enterprises control over the cloud provider and their end users. Modern enterprises wanting to empower their developers without compromising on governance and control prefer CoreStack. Unlike other platforms in the market, CoreStack platform supports the entire lifecycle, from service consumption to compliance.

Our final thoughts

The honorable mention of CoreStack in the Gartner Magic Quadrant based on their client inquiries convinces us that we are on the right track. We are solving a significant enterprise pain point as they digitally transform themselves to be innovative. Our 4Cs framework driving the holistic approach to governance is the right way to go. Going forward, we will tap into machine learning and AI to further reduce friction in the IT lifecycle. We firmly believe that a proactive approach to governance using ML/AI will reduce human errors and boost IT productivity. We are seeing great interest in our platform in the market. We are confident that we will soon emerge as a strong player in a future Gartner MQ.

If you are curious about why Gartner picked CoreStack for honorable mention, contact us for a demo.

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