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A Cloud Native Way of Achieving Autonomous Governance
December 11, 2019

Cloud has become a mainstream technology. However, you cannot harness the full power of the cloud, without governance and automation. An easy and faster…

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How to Address the Common Compliance Challenges in Cloud?
August 21, 2019

With the advent of new Digital technologies, your IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. On top of it, industry and government regulations have been…

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The Importance of a Seamless Cloud Governance Strategy
December 18, 2018

Imagine the positive impact on your business if you have Predictable cloud costs, Actionable insights on cloud operations, Proactive threat detection and remediation.

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Best Practices for Azure Governance
August 15, 2018

You are not alone, if you have experienced challenges when moving to Cloud, such as managing cost, resource ownership, maintaining compliance and complex fulfillment…

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Learn how to enrich classroom education with online practice labs
February 21, 2018

Today, many universities are moving away from traditional classroom sessions to virtual, e-learning method of delivering the content. The challenge of providing hands-on lab…

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The Promise of Multi cloud
October 24, 2017

Multi-Cloud is fast becoming the defacto strategy for most modern enterprises. In this webinar, we will explain, The need of the hour is self-service IT, a single window…

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Self-Service IT to Orchestrate Cloud Resources in Hybrid/Multi-cloud Environment
September 6, 2017

IT Team need cloud services and they need them now. But IT processes impede swift approval of cloud resources, resulting in loss of precious time. Sometimes IT teams…

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How hybrid/multi-cloud governance platform benefits your cloud strategy
July 26, 2017

Multi-cloud environments bring benefits of mixing and matching the best technologies from various cloud providers, but managing it is a daunting prospect.

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