Case Study

Multi-Cloud Journey of a Large Pharmaceutical Company

Customer Background, Business Goals, and Challenges

Our Customer is one of the largest multi-national Pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Europe. In the pursuit to promote organization-wide agility and build disruptive solutions to maintain its market-leading position, Customer adopted multi-cloud services. However, as it traversed this path, it started experiencing challenges which acutely impacted its progress to be an Agile and Innovative company. Un-governed Cloud usage led to soaring Cloud costs and new Digital risks. Adhering to stringent industry regulations such as HIPAA, and GxP was getting challenging in a complex multi-cloud IT landscape. It was not in a position to expand its Cloud consumption without overcoming these barriers. Hence, it decided to implement a robust multi-cloud governance solution.


Customer, with the support of its Managed IT Services Partner, evaluated multiple Cloud Governance solutions. The final fixture was between a longstanding player and CoreStack. The key reasons for Customer selecting CoreStack are closely tied to the Customer’s strategic priorities:

  • Broader coverage to support multiple public and private Clouds such as Azure, AWS, AzureStack, and vCenter
  • Flexible deployment options, on-premise, and SaaS
  • Easily integrate with their enterprise-wide digital workflow solution – ServiceNow

All four modules in the CoreStack Enterprise platform have been implemented:

  1. Consumption
    • Empowered users with a self-service portal – on a familiar interface of ServiceNow itself – so that they can now quickly order what they need by comparing options across Clouds
    • A rich service catalog with a wide range of multi-cloud resources and services
      • IaaS, PaaS, and add-on resources such as IPs, load balancers, and storage
      • Services such as backup, monitoring, app deployment, auto-scaling, and security
    • Users can easily modify and terminate their requests as required and request for a temporary admin access to their resources

   Business Value – Agility and Faster Innovation

  1. Compliance
    • Defined and enforced custom policies for standards, best practices using CoreStack policy engine
    • Utilized CoreStack capabilities to
    • Implement ISO and HIPAA controls
    • Integrate with Cloud-native security services such as AWS Inspector, Azure Security Center
    • Overall, implemented a GDPR compliant governance platform

   Business Value – Mitigate Digital Risks

  1. Cost Analytics
    • A single holistic view of organization-wide Cloud spend
    • Drill down reports on spend by Cloud, subscription, region, tag, and resource level. This data easily integrates with their homegrown billing system
    • Easy way to track actual spent versus monthly budget
    • Mechanism to chargeback the Cloud costs to individual departments
    • Continuous cost optimization using auto-recommendations and ML-driven forecast

   Business Value – Cost Control and Accountability

  1. Cloud Operations
    • CoreStack out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow enables users to
    • Leverage self-service mechanism to quickly order a Cloud service they need
    • Track, monitor the orders & manage change requests, all from ServiceNow
    • Automatic scheduling of backups, and start/stop of VMs
    • Integration with on-premise tools to automate post-provisioning tasks
      • Monitoring (SCOM), Patch Management (RedHat Satellite)
    • ML-powered
      • Predictions for critical metrics such as costs, budget overrun
      • Suggestions to optimize threshold levels for various Cloud-native monitoring alerts

    Business Value – Higher Availability

Future Plans

  1. On-board private Clouds such as AzureStack and vCenter to build a unified multi-cloud Governance platform
  2. Integration with Azure DevOps to simplify and speed up the DevOps process



Business Goals

  • Increase the speed of innovation
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance
  • Optimize costs and enhance efficiency


  • Public Clouds – Azure, AWS
  • Private Clouds – AzureStack, vCenter


  CoreStack Enterprise

  • Consumption
  • Compliance
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cost Analytics

Why CoreStack ?

  • Supports multi-cloud, private Cloud services
  • Out-of-box integration with ServiceNow
  • Both On-premise, SaaS deployment options

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