Case Study

CAMS – A leading Financial services company reduces cloud costs by 60% using CoreStack platform

“Corestack is a robust cloud governance platform which helped us optimize our cloud costs and strengthen compliance. We are delighted to partner with CoreStack”

– Vasanth Jeyapaul, Senior Vice President at CAMS

Customer Background

CAMS(Computer Age Management Services) is one of the largest financial services companies. It is a service partner to leading mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, and private equity funds. Its recently launched App alone manages around $35 billion worth of assets across 2 million users. Leveraging superior technology, this market leader brings several innovative services to investors and distributors.


While Cloud adoption was essential for CAMS to be innovative and agile, they soon realised it is complex and requires expertise to effectively manage costs and compliance. They were determined to overcome the following challenges:

  1. Escalating costs of Azure Cloud
  2. Expertise required to
    • Govern the security and compliance of Cloud
    • Implement best practices in Cloud operations

These challenges were deterrent to their plan of adopting cloud for other products and services.


After evaluating many options, CAMS selected CoreStack.They deployed CoreStack platform to build solutions for automating Cloud operations, governance and cost optimisation.

  1. Automation of Cloud operations
    • Orchestration workflows for application provisioning, deployments, DR drills
    • Operations dashboard for alerts on Cloud activity and Machine learning based remedial actions
    • Automated back-ups, archival, monitoring and log management
    • Optimal utilisation of Cloud resources
      • On-demand start/stop of machines by application teams using web-hooks
      • Automatic shutdowns based on schedules and application idle times
  2. Governance of compliance and security as per industry standards
    • Access control at different levels – Azure subscription, resource groups and teams
    • Azure subscription specific policy definitions, recommendations and remediation
    • Enforcing encryption of disks, files and databases and hardening of OS images
    • Securing Cloud infrastructure at multiple layers using firewalls, subnets, VM configurations
  3. Cost optimisation solutions
    • Cost analytics dashboard for better visibility and control
    • Machine learning based recommendations for optimal decision making
    • Eliminated redundant set-ups using automated multi-region back-ups and DR


As per CAMS team, significant win from this project is in using a platform for Cloud governance and automation instead of expensive outsourced services. Resulting in following benefits

  1. Overall Cloud costs reduced by 60%
  2. Ensured 99.99% Cloud availability
  3. 23 major compliance issues related to security and best practices detected and resolved proactively in the first 6 months
  4. Cloud automation eliminated the need for a dedicated high-skilled Cloud Engineer
  5. Automated disaster recovery with Recovery time objective (RTO) of < 1 hr

Apart from deploying CoreStack platform, team also shared best practices on Azure architecture, sizing and consolidation of workloads and databases. All these had significant impact on our total cost of ownership. Their after-salessupport is great!

—Sriram Ganesan, Assistant General Manager, Technology at CAMS

Future Plans

With renewed confidence on Cloud adoption, CAMS is already in discussions to move new business applications to Cloud. The plan is to automate all these and manage the Cloud governance from CoreStack.


Financial Services

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Business Goals

  • Cost optimisation
  • Compliant to security standards Solution


  CoreStack Enterprise

  • Operations automation
  • Governance
  • Cost optimisation


  • Reduced Cloud costs by 60%
  • Ensured 99.99% cloud availability
  • 23 major compliance issues proactively resolved in first 6 months
  • Automation eliminated the need for a dedicated high-skilled Cloud Engineer
  • Automated disaster recovery with RTO of < 1 hr

Why CoreStack ?

  • Cloud native platform – No lock-in
  • Single product to govern cost and compliance
  • Ease of use, quick on-boarding cycle
  • Excellent customer support

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