Case Study

A fast-growing Online Training Company – Edureka, uses CoreStack as a catalyst to propel its growth

Customer Background

Edureka is a live and interactive e-learning platform that is revolutionizing professional online education. By partnering with a world-class team of experts, it aims to empower professionals with the skills that will enable them to advance in their careers.  It is the fastest growing online education platform and has the highest course completion rate in the industry.


As Edureka traversed the path of high-speed growth, they soon realized that their Learners (i.e. their end customers) and Trainers were struggling with the cumbersome process of setting up Training labs.

Trainers used their own local version of training labs to demo during virtual classroom sessions whereas Learners had to invest much time in setting up their own local labs in their PCs. Consequently, precious classroom time was wasted in troubleshooting different environment-related issues of Learners.

Also, as a common lab environment was not available, assessment and grading of Learner’s performance was a challenge. They had to depend on offline assignment submissions.

Due to the limited availability of Big Data administrators and Cloud experts, customer could not attempt any innovation like Cloud-based labs. They were also apprehensive about the lack of clarity in calculating the cost per Learner if Cloud-based labs are to be provided.

Business Goals

To overcome these challenges, the management decided to pursue two important goals

  1. Leverage technology to provide a great user experience. To achieve this goal, it was critical to ensure that training labs are available anytime, anywhere without the need for any local set-up
  2. Build a predictable cost model in provisioning training labs


After evaluating a bunch of other options, Edureka finally selected CoreStack’s Cloud Lab-as-a-Service platform (CLaaS) to build its training labs. The entire solution was ready to be integrated with the customer’s LMS in less than two weeks.

  1. The lab environment was set up with high availability of 99.95% for 3000+ learners and 100+ concurrent learners
  2. A dedicated custom cluster was set up and managed in Cloud unlike other comparative products
  3. The lab environment was fully integrated with customer’s LMS using APIs offered out-of-the-box by CoreStack
  4. The performance of the labs was optimized for customer’s usage and ensured auto-scaling at all layers
  5. All datasets and common files were pre-uploaded and accessible to all Learners
  6. All lab components are accessible from web browsers including Linux consoles, IDE, FTP, and others
  7. Different access levels were provided to Learners, Trainers, and Graders as per business needs
  8. Each Learner’s data on assignments and activities securely isolated from other Learners. Only Trainers could access them for assessment/grading

A simple per-learner pricing model was provided, which was fixed and predictable, irrespective of scale and usage. This model significantly helped them in estimating the overall budgetary requirement and get all required approvals in a single go.


  • Learner enrolments up by 400% in less than a year for the Big Data course
  • Course completion rates increased by 45%
  • Trainer’s productivity increased by 15% as no more time wasted on troubleshooting

Future Plans

  • Discussions are already in progress to build similar labs for courses where lab setup is a challenge
  • Piloting automated reports on hands-on lab activity to review Learner engagement
  • Further streamlining of the Learner assessment and grading process


  • Education and Training

Cloud Platform

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Business Goals

  • Significantly enhance the user experience by removing the complexities of the lab set-up
  • Predictable cost model in provisioning Cloud-based labs


CoreStack CLaaS

  • Automated learner enrolment & termination
  • Learner activity analytics
  • Dedicated and managed cluster


  • Course completion rates up by 45%
  • Learner enrolments up by 400% in less than a year
  • Trainer effort savings of 15%
  • Highly available (99.95%) and auto- scalable environment

Why CoreStack?

  • Dedicated custom-built cluster not provided by other products
  • Highly available (99.95%) and auto-scalable environment
  • 24×7 support with response time < 15 mins
  • Easy out-of-the-box integration with LMS

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