Streamline your OpenStack Environment

Innovate Faster – Stay Compliant


Hundreds of the world’s largest brands rely on OpenStack to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster. It controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center

Are You Maximizing the
Benefits of OpenStack ?
Lack of holistic cloud automation and governance can block you from reaping the benefits of OpenStack .

How can CoreStack
Help You?

Makes your OpenStack Cloud Governance autonomous and intelligent


Automates Cloud operations to drive up the efficiencies and optimize costs while increasing reliability and minimizing risk

This will enable you to rapidly leverage the power of OpenStack at scale

How is CoreStack Different From
the Native Governance Provided by OpenStack ?


Capability to chain disparate cloud-native services to

  • Orchestrate the entire lifecycle of a cloud service
  • Automatically enforce compliance starting from consumption through the entire lifecycle
Machine learning models to detect patterns for anomalies and remediation

Easy integration with DevOps tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Powershell, Terraform and ITSM applications


A single platform to provision, monitor, optimize and control multi-cloud services
A rich repository of prebuilt automation templates, scripts, policies and remediation actions with best practices
Manage organization-wide accounts from a single view. Enforce governance rules for each account using CoreStack Service entitlement

Use Cases

Centralised Governance of muti or hybrid cloud environment

End user Self-service with workflows and budget control

Automation of cloud compliance

Cloud cost analytics and optimization

Automation of DevOps operations

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