Integrate ServiceNow and CoreStack Multi-Cloud Governance Platform


ServiceNow is often implemented to serve as an organization-wide IT service management (ITSM) platform to create and manage all kinds of IT service requests. However, in reality, organizations struggle with the mushrooming of several siloed IT service delivery processes and tools. With the advent of Cloud, the pain of service management has further escalated.

How CoreStack helps?

Bring together your Cloud governance and IT service management to unlock these business benefits



Enable your Users to quickly order what they need by comparing options across Clouds from a rich service catalog



Automatically create incident tickets in ServiceNow based on the alerts from your multi-cloud landscape



Achieve your goal of managing and tracking all the requests and incidents of multi-cloud infrastructure from a single platform

How does CoreStack integrate with ServiceNow?

Cloud Service Delivery Management

CoreStack provides two options to create your Cloud service requests.

Option 1
  • Users can create their Cloud service requests in ServiceNow
  • Approvers will review and approve the requests
  • CoreStack automatically takes care of the Cloud service fulfilment and orchestration based on your pre-defined Cloud governance policies

Figure 1 – Cloud service requests triggered from ServiceNow

Option 2

You can also choose to create and approve requests separately on the CoreStack multi-cloud governance platform and synchronize the information real-time into ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB).

Figure 2 – Cloud service requests triggered from CoreStack

Cloud Governance Incident Management
  • Automatically create incident tickets in ServiceNow with a priority and an assignment group whenever your Cloud governance policies are violated
  • Reduce the Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA)
  • Stay aligned with the ITIL processes

Figure 3 – Cloud governance incident management

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