Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports 

CoreStack provides an excellent set of analytical reports that provides valuable insights into your cloud account. The reports are powered by rich data transformation and data visualization layers to give you the intelligent insights required. You can download these reports into PDF or Excel formats for internal reporting.

To access these reports, select 
Reports module which is the last (bottom) selection in the Left Navigation Menu.

You will see a toggle at the top for Global Reports, My Reports. The global reports are available for all customers. My Reports are the ones that were created specific to your account. In either case, you can be assured that the data is isolated, and users can only view data relevant to their tenant. 

The reports available are of 2 types 

  • Assessment Reports – These are the OSCAR Governance Assessment Reports. These are built like pdf reports. You can switch Tenants, Cloud Accounts, Assessment Period to view the respective report 
  • Analytical Reports – These are analytical reports which provide more detailed information and insights into various aspects of your cloud accounts. 

The reports are grouped under each governance pillar. The list of currently available reports is provided below. This is continuously being updated as part of our releases. If there is a custom report requirement, please reach out to us at [email protected]  

Note: It may take up to 12 hours from the time you onboarded the account to have data reflected in reports. 

Operations Analytics

Report Group Report NameReport Description 
Activity AnalyticsMulti Cloud Activity Consolidated list of Cloud activities from AWS, Azure. Helps you view all activities that happened and also slice and dice them by Resource Type, User etc. 
Activity AnalyticsAWS Activity AWS Cloud activities. Helps you view all activities that happened and also slice and dice them by Resource Type, User etc. 
Activity AnalyticsAzure Activity Azure Cloud activities. Helps you view all activities that happened and also slice and dice them by Resource Type, User etc. 
Monitoring ReportsAWS Resource HealthProvides you the monitoring metrics for AWS resources.
Monitoring Analytics AWS Monitoring AlertsProvides list of monitoring alerts received for AWS accounts selected.
Monitoring Analytics Azure Monitoring Alerts Provides list of monitoring alerts received for Azure Subscriptions selected. 
Monitoring Analytics Multi Cloud Monitoring AlertsProvides consolidated list of monitoring alerts received across all AWS accounts and Azure Subscriptions selected.
Monitoring Analytics AWS Utilization based on Metrics Provides you the utilization of AWS resources based on the monitoring metrics. Helps you get a quick view of under-utilized and over-utilized resources 
Operations GovernanceOperations Assessment SummaryCoreStack Operations Governance Assessment Summary. Read more about it in Visibility section above.
Operations GovernanceOperations Assessment Detail Report CoreStack Operations Governance Assessment Detail Report. Read more about it in Visibility section above.