Simple Set-up

Given below are the steps involved in setting up CoreStack ECG for assessment and observability of your multi-cloud infrastructure. 

  • Set-up CoreStack Account
  • Pre-Onboarding (Prepare your Cloud Accounts)
  • On-boarding (Add your Cloud Accounts to CoreStack)
  • Post-Onboarding (Validate your Cloud Accounts & Configurations)
  • Visibility – View Dashboards on OSCAR Posture
  • Assessment – Get your Governance Assessment Score!
  • Insights – Get more insights thru Analytical Reports

Note: The quick start guide focusses on Assessment Only use case. For complete Governance set-up, please refer the topics mentioned in the Advanced Configuration.

Setting up CoreStack Account 

You will have your CoreStack Account created by the designated Sales Engineer (SE) or Customer Success Manager (CSM) that is assigned for your account. If this is not yet created, please get in touch with them or you can write to [email protected]Once you have your account created, you will be able to login to CoreStack and get started.

Pre-Onboarding (Prepare your Cloud Accounts) 

There are certain pre-requisites required in your cloud accounts before they can be onboarded into CoreStack. In a nutshell, it is regarding setting up the right access permissions to your cloud accounts for CoreStack.  

For AWS Accounts, you will have to create an IAM Role for CoreStack with necessary access permissions based on your preference for Assessment-Only or Assessment + Governance to be performed for that account. CoreStack provides ready-made templates that can be used for this purpose which have appropriate access permissions built-in as part of the templates. 

For Azure Subscriptions, you will have to create an App Registration for CoreStack and then provide appropriate role assignment for that App based on your preference for Assessment-Only or Assessment + Automation to be performed for that subscription. 

For GCP Projects, you will have to create either a user account or service account for CoreStack and then provide appropriate rolefor the user account or service account based on your preference for Assessment-Only or Assessment + Governance to be performed for that project. 

On-boarding (Add your Cloud Accounts to CoreStack) 

It only takes 5 mins to on-board your cloud account into CoreStack, provided the pre-requisites taken care of. You can follow the simple guided workflow for the onboarding process for AWS AccountsAzure Subscriptions, and GCP Projects. Please ensure to keep handy the relevant info such as the IAM Role, App ID, Secret Key etc. when you onboard the accounts. 

From the Account Governance Dashboard, click on “Add New” and get started. 

Post-Onboarding (Validate your Cloud Accounts & Configurations) 

Once you have completed adding your cloud accounts into CoreStack, you can see them listed as part of the Account Summary Dashboard. As a next step, you can validate if the account has been set-up correctly for all the 5 Cloud Governance Pillars (OSCAR). 

From the Account Governance Dashboard, select the cloud account and click on “View Settings” to see if all the access permissions are available and if there are any errors. 

Visibility – Dashboards on OSCAR Posture 

CoreStack provides the Cloud Governance Posture for each of the 5 Pillars of OSCAR. You can review the posture by visiting the respective dashboards of Operations, Security, Cost, Access and Resource. The Account Governance Dashboard provides a consolidated view of all your accounts and also the posture and assessment score for them. 

Note: It may take up to 6 hours from the time you onboarded the account to have the data fully reflected on the dashboards.

Assessment – Get your Governance Assessment Score! 

CoreStack provides a comprehensive assessment report on your cloud accounts that cover various standards and best practice for each of the 5 Pillars of OSCAR. You can view your assessment score for each of the governance pillar and also an overall score for your account. 

The assessment score is available right on the Account Governance Dashboard. For the Assessment Summary and the detailed report, please visit Reports section. 

Note: It may take up to 12 hours from the time you onboarded the account to complete the assessment

Insights – Get more insights through Analytical Reports 

CoreStack also provides insights into your cloud accounts thru various analytics reports. Choose from multiple reports available under the respective governance pillars. 

Note: It may take up to 12 hours from the time you onboarded the account to have data reflected in reports