Compliance Posture

Compliance Posture

CoreStack cloud compliance provides policy management service that ensures that the cloud services consumed are compliant with standards and security. Centralized policy management is powered by declarative policy language which allows to define enterprise business logic as policies which can be scheduled or executed on demand to manage compliance of various cloud services and its resources. CoreStack compliance rules enables to assess security of cloud infrastructure and application using cloud platform’s native security assessment tools or third-party assessment tools. Operations team gets consolidated compliance posture in the dashboard to act on. 

CoreStack Cloud Compliance are intended to provide the following objectives: 

  • Maintain compliance and configuration standards. 
  • Maintain security posture for the resources provisioned. 
  • Manage and activate policies to optimize resource utilization.

The Compliance Posture provides visibility on the following aspects across all of your cloud accounts. The summary section provides the consolidated counts across all accounts and the grid provides account wise details. 

  1. % Compliant: This indicates the percentage of resources available in the cloud accounts that are compliant with the standard. 
  2. Total Controls: This indicates the total number of controls that are being utilized for enforcing the compliance standard.
  3. Total Violations: This indicates the total number of violations that are observed while assessing the cloud accounts for the compliance standard and needs to be addressed to enforce the compliance standard.
  4. Total Errors: This indicates the total number of errors that are observed while assessing the cloud accounts for the compliance standard and needs to be fixed in order to enforce the compliance standard.
  5. Total Success: This indicates the total number of successful assessments performed in the cloud accounts for the compliance standard. 

Standard Level View

You can select the View (Eye icon) option in the grid against a specific compliance standard to view more details about the no. of violations, errors, success, and standards that are not assessed. You will be redirected to another tab where you can see: 

  1. Toggle option between Standards and Services. Based on your selection you can view the details.  
  2. Filters for Tenant, Service and Account. You can just choose different filter combinations in this view and get the details.