S.No PillarModule Name Module Description Links
AuthTokens Tokens are required for accessing the APIs. Token generation and RefreshToken’s validity are the supported use casesView
TenantsCoreStack allows multiple tenants within an account to facilitate IT organization structure or Enterprise department structure View
Cloud Accounts “Cloud Account” is an account or a subscription with a cloud platform that is onboarded into CoreStack. By onboarding a cloud account, users provide the required permissions to CoreStack for orchestration & management of the different services within the cloud platform View
PolicyPolicies are used to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your cloud resources, so that those resources stay compliant with your corporate standards and service level agreementsView
5OperationsTemplatesTemplates can be used for Cloud Automation and Orchestration. Supported formats include CFN, ARM, Terraform, Heat and Mistral. This module lets you create, manage and execute Templates.View
6OperationsTemplateJobs Jobs represent an instance of a Template execution. Every time a Template is executed, a Job is created. Jobs provide a reference of the execution including the time, steps executed, status, output, etc. View
7OperationsScriptsAutomation scripts that can be run in the resources such as Virtual Machines to perform certain actions such as installing applications, configuring system services and so on View
8OperationsScriptJobsWhen a script is executed, a job is created in CoreStack to track its status and progress. Same script can be executed multiple times, so a job will be created each time it is executed View
9ResourceInventory Resources available in the onboarded Cloud Account will be synced and can be managed from CoreStack. You can view the list of resources, view summary and filter results View