Assessment – Get your Governance Assessment Score! 

CoreStack provides a comprehensive assessment report on your cloud accounts that cover various standards and best practices for each of the 5 Pillars of OSCAR. You can view your assessment score for each of the governance pillar and also an overall score for your account. 

The assessment score is available right on the Account Governance Dashboard. For the Assessment Summary and the detailed report, please visit Reports section. 

Note: It may take up to 12 hours from the time you onboarded the account to complete the assessment. 

Cloud admins can perform an assessment of the cloud accounts to view the governance index and compare to see where they stand with others in CoreStack or with industry benchmarksYou can generate automated assessment report every month to visualize the improvements/decline in the index. 

How it works 

CoreStack has a defined set of assessment scenarios based on your Cloud, the cloud services and resource types that are available in your cloud account. These assessment scenarios are based on Industry Standards and Best Practices including those recommended by by AWS, Azure, GCP. There are scenarios available for each Governance Pillar – Operations, Security, Cost, Access and Resource Consistency. 

The system checks for the status of your cloud environments against these standards for each of the 5 Pillars and provides a consolidated report that covers multiple aspects of your cloud accounts. For e.g Operations assessment will include checks for multiple aspects including Monitoring, Utilisation, Activities, Automation, Backup, Patching etc. Similarly each pillar will have all the key areas covered as part of the assessment. 

The system checks for % compliance of your resources for each assessment scenario. And each scenario carries a weightage based on how critical that is. An Assessment Score is provided for each of the 5 Governance Pillars by calculated weighted average on the results across all scenarios. 

CoreStack OSCAR Governance Grade is assigned based on the overall score across all the 5 Pillars. 

OSCAR Governance Score

Account Governance Summary 

This is available as part of the Account Governance Dashboard, where you get a consolidated view of all your cloud accounts across all clouds and their Governance Grades and score achieved for each pillar. 


OSCAR Account Governance Summary

To get more details on the Assessment Score and the history for a specific account, you can click on view and select View SettingsClick on the tab Assessment Results to view the results for that account. 


OSCAR Account Governance Assessment Results


OSCAR Account Governance Assessment Summary

You can also view the trend of the governance score for this account by clicking on the History tab. 

OSCAR Account Governance Assessment History



Assessment Reports 

CoreStack provides Assessment Summary Reports and Assessment Detail Report for a specific Governance Pillar and a Cloud Account.  

Assessment Summary Reports 

The Summary reports provide the score achieved by the selected cloud account for each assessment scenario and provides an overall score card for the account for that Governance Pillar. This helps to understand the specific areas where the account requires improvement and recommend necessary actions. 

The fields available in the Assessment Summary Reports are: 

  • Assessment Sub-Category 
  • Assessment Group 
  • Assessment Scenario 
  • Weightage 
  • Result % 
  • Grade Points 
  • Weighted Grade Points 
  • Max Grade Points 
  • Score 

The report can be printed or exported to PDF and Excel formats. While at the report, you can switch between different TenantsCloud Accounts and Assessment Dates to view the report and export the one that you need to. 

Assessment Detail Reports 

The Assessment Detail reports provides a further deeper view into the assessment results. You can view the no. of violated resources and Total no. of resources assessed for each of the assessment scenarios.  

The fields available in the Assessment Detail Reports are: 

  • Assessment Sub-Category 
  • Assessment Group 
  • Assessment Scenario 
  • Total Violated Resources 
  • Total Resources Assessed 
  • Score 

The actual resources that are in violation are also listed after each Assessment Category. This helps the cloud admin to identify the actual resources in violations and take immediate actions to resolve them. 

The report can be printed or exported to PDF and Excel formats. While at the report, you can switch between different TenantsCloud Accounts and Assessment Dates to view the report and export the one that you need to.