Corestack Professional
& Compliance
Enabling Automated Security
PCI Compliant Certification Achieved
For A Fintech Company

Simplified Cloud Operation Accelerating Innovation

CoreStack™ Professional is an all powerful framework driving your IT operations. It converges multiple technologies and tools to provide a single comprehensive solution. Automates IT processes and reduces the cost incurred in resolution and maintenance.

Why Adopt CoreStack™ Professional

Simplifying Operations

Unifying capabilities of multiple technologies and point solutions to provide a single comprehensive solution for managing cloud operations.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Technology agnostic solution that provides complete freedom to take control of your cloud at your terms.


Deliver end-to-end cloud services across infrastructure, application and associated technologies.

Auto Remediation

Automatically identify, define and execute remediation based on events.

Open Architecture

An open and extensible architecture providing flexibility with support for open standards, APIs and third-party solutions.

How Does The Framework Help

Operational Challenges Mitigated

With CoreStack™ Professional your team achieves operational efficiency and so does your business operations.

Consistent Delivery

Delivers efficient IT operations and improves SLAs by triggering pre-built templates/scripts (SOP’s) on demand or on request

Orchestrated Recovery And Remediation

Enables business continuity by resolving alerts, orchestrating backup and disaster recovery with auto triggering of remediation and recovery templates/scripts

Integrated Solution

Reduces and manages time by leveraging out-of-box templates/scripts, technology and tools integration

Case Studies

A peek into the framework’s success stories

Product Data Sheet

Your window to know more about the platform

One Framework Many Possibilities

With CoreStack™ Professional, you have in your disposal a comprehensive solution. Bring in-house the best practices, tools and technologies simplifying your IT Operations. Connect with us to find out more.

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